Student Services

  • Student Services

    Student Services provides a wide array of programs and services to fulfill the needs of Erie Community College's diverse student body. Under the direction of the campus Dean of Students, the various Student Services offices focus on realizing the full human potential of each student.

  • Student Transportation

    Student Transportation

    The Student Transportation Department provides cost-effective, accessible quality transportation services that transports commuter students safely and efficiently, bringing them to their intended destinations as scheduled. Transportation services also provide students with an unlimited Metro and Rail CRAM pass, Inter-campus shuttles and student parking.Read More
  • Bookstore

    Follett campus bookstore is your one-stop location for new and used course materials, supplies, textbooks, computer products, college spirit clothing, snacks and more. Come and see what we have to offer.

    Career Services

    Career Services' mission is to enhance the success of our students and alumni by providing career education, transfer referral and employment services. They offer a variety of services to assist the individual from student to employee.

    Child Care

    Child care gives parents the opportunity to attend college while providing a safe environment for their child. ECC has child care centers at each campus with high-quality educational and enrichment programs at an affordable rate.

    College Safety

    The College Safety Office at each campus is your one-stop destination for obtaining a student ID badge, parking permit, general information, first aid, escorts to parking areas, lost and found and to report any incidents or concerns.

    Equity & Inclusion

    The Office of Equity and Diversity is responsible for monitoring equal employment of all qualified persons, as well as investigating all complaints of discrimination.

    Health Services

    The Health Services Offices are staffed by a registered nurse located at each campus and offers immunization processing, health information, consultation for injury and illness, first-aid and referrals.

    Information Technology Services

    Erie Community College understands that access to current, up-to-date computing services are essential for continuing student success. Our Information Technology Services help students to become familiarized with current information technology.


    The ECC libraries provide resources and services to support academics and course work, research and recreational interests of students, faculty and staff.

    Parking & Transportation

    The Transportation Department offers ECC students parking, commuting and transportation information and services to assist students in getting to and from home and college.

    Student Access Center

    The Student Access Center provides ECC students an equal opportunity for a college education, focusing on student strengths to maximize access to academic programs, activities and services.

    Student Support Centers and Counseling Services

    Support centers and counseling services provide students with academic and personal counseling, advocacy, mentoring and tutoring. A holistic approach is utilized in helping students reach their educational and personal goals.

    Veterans Affairs

    Veterans Services can help ECC students transfer military credits, apply for veterans benefits or military tuition assistance, connect with specialized tutoring and adaptive technologies for the classroom and more.